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The Malta Football Players Association serves as the exclusive collective bargaining representative for all current players affiliated with the Malta Football Association. Formed in March 2011, the Association ensures the protection of the rights of all football players playing in Malta while also promoting their best interests. MFPA is locally affiliated with SportMalta, recognised by the Malta Football Association and also registered with the Office of the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations. Internationally MFPA is a full member of FIFPro which is the worldwide representative organisation for professional football players.

The following members form the current executive committee.

  • Dr. Anthony Galea (President)
  • Mr. Carlo Mamo (General Secretary)
  • Mr. Konrad Sultana (Public Relations Officer)
  • Mr. Mark Barbara (Deputy Secretary)
  • Mr. Daniel Agius (Financial Officer)
  • Mr. Gareth Sciberras (Executive Member)
  • Dr. Malcolm Licari (Executive Member)
  • Mr. Luke Zahra (Graphic Designer)



* The above contracts are only templates and should be modified accordingly to your needs. These should be used only as a guideline and additional clauses may be added or removed from time to time or as per your requirements.


Medical Insurance


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You may contact the Malta Football Players Association by sending an email to info@maltafpa.com or else fill in the form below. Make sure to check the FAQs as these are updated from time to time.


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To join the Malta Football Players Association please fill in the form below.




Frequently Asked Qustions

  1. What is a football players association?
  2. It is a properly constituted and democratically elected organisation set up to represent the interests of it's members - the football players.

  3. What is the membership cost?
  4. There is no membership fee for amateur players i.e. players who do not receive any money from their respective club. Amateur players need only to fill in the form in the join us section and mark their status as amateur. The membership cost for full-time and part-time professionals for season 2015/2016 is also free.

  5. Who can join the Malta Football Players Association?
  6. All players who form part of the Malta Football Association can join the MFPA.

  7. What services am I entitled for if I join the Malta Football Players Association?
  8. The Malta Football Players Association together with Mediterranean Insurance Brokers has created a customized health insurance for footballers which will be offered to clubs and players at the beginning of the season. In addition the following issues and initiatives will also be addressed:

    • at the end of his/her contract the player should have the right to leave the club without any transfer fee
    • removal of remuneration maximum amount a player can receive per month - Achieved
    • injury cover (medical insurance) - Achieved
    • late payments - players are provided with free advice when having disputes with clubs. An MFPA representative will also represent the player at the NDRC
    • social diaologue between MFPA, MFA and clubs
    • the signing of a collective bargaining agreement between MFPA and MFA
    • minimum requirements for players stated in the contract - Achieved
    • any other issues that players have with their respective clubs
    • Awards ceremony at the end of each season
    • Training camp for out of contract players between June and July of each season
    Please feel free to contact us via email info@maltfpa.com or fill in the form which is available in the contact Us section about any issues you may have.

  9. What is FifPro?
  10. FIFPro is the worldwide representative organization for all professional players; more than 50,000 footballers in total. FIFPro is the exclusive collective international voice of the world's footballers

  11. Why should I join?
  12. Apart from the benefits mentioned above the aim of the association is to protect the interests of current and future players. Whilst being a footballer is a great job, players are only one bad injury away from not forming part of a club or a few bad games away from being fired. Sadly it is only when things go wrong that players realise the need for a football players association to look after them. However a football players association without members is nothing and it should be made up of as many members as possible.

If you have any other questions please feel free to send an email at info@maltafpa.com or fill in the form which is available in the contact Us section