Education is a key objective

The Malta Football Players Association, has the added benefit and foresight of being run by people, who had been, or still are, in the exact same circumstances as the members it seeks to represent. No one has a clearer understanding of the real and unique challenges faced by football players in Malta.

The founding members that drove MFPA’s beginnings, in their vision, understood, that the wellbeing of the game is intrinsic to the wellbeing of the players and vice versa. They recognised, that for one to bear fruits, one must invest in football’s biggest resource, i.e the player. With this in mind, MFPA set out to work, targeting all areas that have an impact on the ultimate wellbeing of players.

Short term, MFPA set out to educate and help its members navigate through the intricacies of sports law. Whilst also working tirelessly to lobby for just employment rights and acceptable Health and Safety conditions.

Long term, MFPA sought to find ways to invest in its members, not just as players, but also as human beings, beyond football.

Holistically and in the players’ best interest MFPA looks at Education as a two-pillared system:

1. Project - Educate

In pursuit of this pillar, MFPA seeks to disseminate to its member players, invaluable information which will be useful during their career. This includes information about players’ rights and duties vis-à-vis the authorities in various areas, including:
  • - Their rights and duties within the intricacies of Sports Laws and Regulations.
  • - Their rights and duties within Employment Law.
  • - Their rights and duties vis-à-vis relevant taxation laws.
  • - Their moral responsibility to respect the dignity of the game by saying no to match-fixing, doping and racism.
  • - By giving them the opportunities to learn about First Aid and Health and Safety.

2. Life After Football

MFPA believes its remit and responsibility towards its members extends beyond a player’s active football career. Giving players the tools to be successful when their football career comes to an end is imperative. Not only does this serve the individual players, but also serves to show potential football players (and parents) that to have a full-time football career, one does not need to sacrifice financial security or a fulfilling lifelong career.

The Life After Football pillar, aims at instilling in players the importance of obtaining employable skills, in parallel to their football career, whilst also providing every opportunity for them to do so.

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