Training camp for our of contract players

Each year MFPA hosts a 3-week training camp in July, for out of contract players, or players seeking a new club. These training camps are held at the Victor Tedesco Stadium in Hamrun and are always well attended. For the duration of the training camp, players will be under the guidance of A- licensed coaches, as well as a goalkeepers’ coach. Physiotherapists will also be at hand should the need arise.

Following the 3-week training camp, MFPA organises a friendly match between its selection and another club. A couple of years back, MFPA took part in a FIFPro Tournament targeted to out of contract players. Playing against a strong French side, the Maltese side held on to a 1-1 draw, which was eventually lost on a penalty shoot-out.

The main scope of these friendly matches is, to provide players with the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of Coaches from various clubs from different divisions, and who attend purposely to seek new talent for their side. The vast majority of players participating in this training camp, end up signing with a club for that following season.

There is no participation fee. Eligibility is only based upon MFPA membership. Anyone wishing to join MFPA for their next training camp, kindly contact the association here.